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Eg er evig pint

Ich bin ewig gepeinigt

teh Jen
25 May 1987
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See that? That is me. Much like Gorillaz, I am a cartoon character who plays music and sounds suspiciously like Damon Albarn.

Or perhaps not.

But this is my journal, all special and shiny like that little piece of glitter that won't come off your hands after opening Christmas cards. Here you'll feast your eyes on musings involving music, school, creative endeavors, life, and most importantly, Germany.

Quick little factoids for your amusement:
- At the time of this typing, I'm 23 years old. *insert fireworks to make this more exciting*
- College prisoner student, going for a degree in German linguistics (with a minor in basket weaving!)
- I loves the music and the music loves me. I like to think I have a pretty varied taste, but I do have my favourites (you'll see The Current Bands of My Obsession in a minute).
- I am an arteest! Portraits of lovely musicians are my specialty, followed closely by cartoon scribbles and comics.
- I write. Maybe not as much as I used to, but the plot bunnies do hit every now and then. If you're offended by slash, you may want to avert your virgin eyes now.
- I try not to take things too seriously, and I lay the sarcasm on thick. Unfortunately, I live in a state where a sense of sarcasm has not yet been injected into the water. Please, help me out here.
- I choose zombies.

So those obsessions that I mentioned (musical and otherwise)...

Apoptygma Berzerk

Skinny Puppy

System of a Down

The Beatles

Kaizers Orchestra


Eddie Izzard

Otto Waalkes

Subway to Sally

Repo! The Genetic Opera


Nicht Lustig

Plants vs. Zombies

Of course, this is all subject to change from minute to minute. There should be some kind of automatic rotation for these things.

Fanlistings and Stamps

Now, come to the dark side. You know what we have here.